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Wahi Coffee Co provides gourmet fresh-brewed coffee made with premium ingredients and an exceptional service for any event including private events, weddings, corporate events, company parties, and more!

​Our customized mobile cart and specialized baristas have everything that is needed to provide the best services on your upcoming events.

Are you looking to buy coffee in bulk?

whether it is to maintain your daily operations as a restaurant or coffee shop, or just to keep up with the coffee consumption demand by staff and clients at your business, at wahi coffee we offer bulk coffee orders and subscriptions for a discounted price.

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wahi owners, javier ahumada and lucia guajardo, husband and wife team have brought to life their passion for coffee and business. wahi after all, means “location” in hawaiian, the name was kept as a reminiscence of where it all started. as they landed their first coffee deal while on their honeymoon in kauai, hawaii. the international couple flew back to new york, where they launched their first ever coffee cart. 


followed by launching their first coffee cart in new york serving celebrities, business owners, and celebrating milestones with a variety of companies.


returning to where they met, Alabama, to provide alabamians with the ultimate nyc coffee experience. after 3 years of choosing and picking amongst the best coffee suppliers in nyc, to selecting and bringing the best coffee beans from the east end of new york to your table, event, office, or business! what started as a coffee passion and dream is now serving in the southern region of the country.