Mission & Values

At Wahi Coffee we aim to make coffee a greater experience for everyone. We offer high-end quality coffee, as well as personalized coffee cart services for weddings. We are passionate about quality and strive to follow the never-ending quest of delivering the most extraordinary coffee products and services so that coffee can be experienced to the fullest.


“Wahi” means a place in Hawaiian, thus the name Wahi coffee makes reference to a “Place of Coffee.”  The company started in New York as a mobile coffee cart with the goal of bringing the coffee environment everywhere. Since the beginning, the goal has been to offer the best quality products and services, and those remain the primary values today as the business continues to grow.

Wahi Today

Today Wahi Coffee operates from Spanish Fort, Alabama, shipping coffee to offices, restaurants, and homes nationwide, as well as offering coffee cart services to the Mobile and Baldwin county areas.

We are excited to continue growing and expanding our services while delivering exceptional coffee products and services.

Cold Brew On Tap

Our cold brew coffee is a smooth, rich, and ready-to-drink cold coffee that can be enjoyed with your favorite milk, creamer, or by itself.